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Unforgettable Moments Photography by Benjamin Monroe

Limited use of Copyright Release Form

1) Photographer reserves the right to restrict or deny the use of copyright of any said photograph(s) for any reason. Including but not limited to any photograph(s) deemed inappropriate or illegal behavior by law.

2) Photographer reserves the right to cancel the use of said photograph(s) for any reason prior to this agreement.

3) It is understood that the photographer solely owns the copyright to any and all photograph(s). Upon this agreement the photograph(s) are still the property of the photographer. This agreement only gives the client the privilege to use said photograph(s) in compliance with terms and conditions at no charge.

Terms and Conditions

1) Photograph(s) may be reproduced, copied, republished or sold in whole or in part; in any form for personal private use only, altered or enhanced in any form whatsoever for personal or commercial gain as long as the work product(s) are incorporated. It is understood that the photographer Benjamin C. Monroe and Unforgettable Moments Photography shall be given credit for all services and work product(s) rendered and shall be stated as such in any image or text based commercial products and/or advertising. No part of any work product(s) may be sold as a stand-alone item unless agreed upon in writing.

2) Photograph(s) May Not be used in any form whatsoever as to cause harm or malice to the photographer or any individual or group represented in the photograph(s).

3) Photograph(s) May Not be used in any form whatsoever with ill intent.

4) All Terms and Conditions shall remain in effect indefinitely and are subject to Federal and State Law. Any breach of said terms and conditions will be deemed unlawful and shall be pursued in a court of law.

I Benjamin Monroe (photographer), hereby agree to release said photograph(s) to client in compliance with this agreement


Photographer Benjamin C. Monroe

(This electronic signature valid and legally binding)